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Cleaning & Care

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Our "Cleaning & Care" service has the following options:

Drop-off & Collect – Customers drop-off their own laundry at one of our branches (during our standard operating hours), and collect it again, once it has been cleaned.

Pick-up & Delivery – We will arrange to pick-up the laundry from our customers' premises, and deliver it again, once it has been cleaned.  Pick-up and delivery times will be arranged during a mutually agreed 'time window' which takes into account our customers' individual business needs, as well as any logistical considerations)

We offer a standard turn-around of 24 hours (excluding transportation time), but we will be more than happy to negotiate faster turn-around times, including a same-day service, for those customers who require it.

We have a flexible pricing model, which allows us to price our services according to our customers' individual needs.  We are happy to offer our customers prices based on individual loads of laundry, as well as a fixed price* per Kilogram of laundry.

Please contact us to have a Wash 'n Press Account Manager visit you, in order to discuss your individual needs...

*Any fixed price negotiated, will be based on an average amount of laundry done per load, per day, per week, per fortnight, or per month (as the case may be), and we reserve the right to re-negotiate fixed prices, should the average amount of laundry decline, or drop below the applicable level.

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